Hi Tek Men's Leather Bags

Hi Tek Men's Bags

Discover mens leather bags with Hi Tek. From an edgy briefcase to a backpack or messenger bag.

Unusual design messenger bags, satchels, briefcases, laptop bags, rucksack, backpacks in edgy wearable art designs.  

We have the vintage collection and up to date collection.Briefcases with telephone as handle, shoulder bags with portholes and Bakelite telephone handle. Backpacks & rucksacks for bikers with unusual aluminum locking device. 

Our bags are made of leather, recycled Bakelite telephones, torch that lights, recycled airplane seat belt buckles and solid cast aluminum components.

Hi Tek Bags are available for purchase on Hi Tek Webstore

Hi Tek torch bag
Hi Tek leather briefcase with shoulder strap, has Bakelite telephone handle. Limited edition.
Hi Tek leather briefcase with a shoulder strap. Has solid cast aluminum porthole and handle.
Hi Tek leather briefcase with shoulder strap. Has unusual locking device and solid cast aluminum London letterbox front face, ir=tems can be inserted in the bag without having to open the flap.Pick pockets beware! you cannot crack this one!
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