AlexanderTasou, designer of Hi Tek Designs started what he calls his "project"from as early as the 80's, bringing industrial design and surrealism to hisaccessories.

Sunglasses, hats, masks, belts, watches, clocks,bags or briefcases, any of his designs or accessories, are never "in"or "out" of fashion. 
Alexander's timeless designs can be worn byeither gender throughout decades and will always make a statement, will alwayslook ahead of time, the designs edgy and stand out.

This designer likes to give different uses anddifferent magnitude to objects of their otherwise conventional size and use. Hewould use handcuffs as the frame for sunglasses or a blown up corkscrew as abar stool, a pyramid as a watch case. 
Integrating the past, even the ancient, with thedistant future, nowadays called "Steampunk" is Alexander's passion.


Alexander made his "debut"in the 80's when he entered The London Clothes Show in Kensington with his collection of surreal Telephone Handbags, which  had the receiver of a Bakelite telephone as the handle and the dial as the buckle.
He was then called to appear on the BBC Clothes Show was approached by buyers from Harrods where he was given a concession at the Weigh In Department, and there, he was discovered by Fuji TV of Japan.

His equally surreal collection of watches followed the success of the telephone handbags.
Today, a museum of watches in France, Ville de Besancon carries a range of Hi Tek Alexander watches as part of their permanent collection.

Alexander's designs have been used by the film industry, mainly in science fiction films, and his accessories used by famous artists in the music industry either for performance, video shoot or magazine covers.
He custom produced outfits in leather and metal for pop stars and celebrities.
Some famous names include Natalie Cole, Anita Baker, Yvone Chaka Chaka, Soul to Soul, C&C Music Factory, Milli Vanilli, Take That.
His most famous work is in the promotional teaser video clip of Michael Jackson's HISTORY.
Well known films which used Hi Tek Designs is Judge Dredd and Demolition Man.


Pepsi cola award for best illustration.
Honourable Mention by Canadian Interiors - Best of Canada for Hospitality.


I Once familiar with Hi Tek Designs, you can recognize the look from a distance, no need to look at the label. Hi Tek Designs distinguish from brands that have tried to copy Hi Tek but never got it quite so.

From the year 2002 till 2007 Alexander had to put his "project" on hold because of a serious injury causing temporary incapacitation. During this time he spent his life in seclusion painting and creating metal sculptures.
The Forces of the Universe have decided to shine their light on Alexander once again by making him well and so he returns with vengeance and an ever stronger mind taking his designs to the next level .........

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